readers want public forums

Our third poll ran last week asking our readers…

What event would you like to see in Morinville each year?

The results, which were surprising, were as follows:

Canada Day Celebrations 13.08% (17 votes)
Fall Festival like Legal’s meet the community night 1.54% (2 votes)
Quarterly independent public forums on town issues 75.38% (98 votes)
Spring community street party 7.69% (10 votes)
Other 2.31% (3 votes)
Total votes 130

Topping the list by a wide margin was a desire for quarterly independent public forums on town issues. This was followed by Canada Day celebrations, which are scheduled to take place this year. Other events, including spring and fall events were less popular. A couple of readers even submitted their own ideas. These included Frontier Daze [sic] and a Drinking contest.

This week’s poll tackles a more controversial topic – the Morinville schools issue

If there were a non faith-based school in Morinville, would you send your child there?

Yes, a truly public school is needed
No, I’m more than happy with what GSACRD offers

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  1. Very interesting results Stephen! I wonder if the 98 people voting for public forums have thought about the organization and work it takes to put these forums on. I know how much work you and Paul put into the candidate forum. I also wonder what the expectations of any any actions and/or results would be (e.g. would one expect a respresentative from the council there every time?)

    I believe that your work on the provides an excellent forum for the bulk of concerns and/or comments that the residents would like to put forward.

    Just my thoughts on this.

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