Legal unveils its 35th mural

Ernie Chauvet explains the town of Legal's 35th mural Monday night during the unveiling.

Mural artist Karen Blanchet poses with Ernie Chauvet.
By Staff

Legal – The French Mural Capital of Canada added another Francophone mural to its inventory Monday night. The town’s 35th mural, painted by Karen Blanchet, was unveiled in a special ceremony attended by a number of Legal residents past and present, including past mayors of the town.

“It recognizes people from the community who have lived in the community and who have served at different levels of government,” said Ernie Chauvet of Centralta Tourism, noting the politically-themed mural ties into the social studies curriculum of Legal schools. “We’re recognizing people from this small community who have served on a larger level.

Blanchet’s mural, created on two panels that measure eight feet high and 16 feet wide, depicts Legal’s municipal, provincial and federal heritage. Depicted on the two panels are the Hounorable Claudette Tardif a Canadian senator since 2005, Télésphore St. Arnaud, an MLA from 1921 – 1926, Lionel Tellier, an MLA from 1940 – 1944, MP Walter Van de Walle and Dave Broda, MLA for the Redwater constituency from 1997 – 2004. Additionally, one of the panels lists the names of Legal’s mayors past to present.

Chauvet said the mural was a collaborative effort between Centralta, the Town of Legal and the province’s Community Initiatives Program.

“Very often people in politics are not recognized for their just value,” Chauvet said, adding people often complain about politicians. “In reality there is an element of service in these people. The people we are recognizing actually made a definite impact on an actual level.

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