readers respond to latest poll

Our fourth reader poll ran last week with readers voting on the controversial issue of secular education in Morinville schools. We asked readers:

If there were a non faith-based school in Morinville, would you send your child there?

183 votes were cast by Sunday morning with the following results:

50.27% Yes, a truly public school is needed (92 votes)
45.9% No, I’m more than happy with what GSACRD offers (84 votes)
0.55% No, we’ll continue to send our children to the Francophone school in Legal (1 vote)
0.55% No, we would continue to use other educational options (home schooling, etc.) (1 vote)
2.73% Undecided (5 votes)

As has been the case with commentary posted in response to articles and letters on the issue, response seems equally split on the need or lack thereof for a secular option in Morinville.

Ed. Note: polls are intended to gauge our readers’ thoughts on issues of the day. While we make every effort to restrict multiple voting by cookie and by ISP, our polls are not official polls.

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