Letter: Voter asks what MP Storseth has done for us lately

Dear Editor,

With the Federal Election thrust upon us, I have started to research candidates in our area. It can be difficult living in a province and area that has a PC blue voting mentality built into its culture. As a fiscal conservative and social liberal, I find the culture of voting for the same party frightening. Where is the accountability for our politicians in Alberta to do the very best job or be voted out? Many of our federal representatives live without fear that they may get the boot. This “comfortability” presents complacency in our electoral system that can never ask the best from our elected representatives and certainly cannot motivate the undecided to research candidates and make a political difference.

I bring to your attention our current conservative Member of Parliament, Brian Storseth. Brian has experience in small business ownership, a short stint on municipal council and an educational background in political science. My issue is not with a lack of credibility or education, but rather, the fact that I hear absolutely nothing of what this member has done for our area. I must include that I am involved politically and keep up to speed on all news including federal politics. In fact, since taking the reins in 2006, Brian has made less than a handful of motions in the house (to my research) with those motions having little if anything to do with local issues. His first opportunity to speak in the house was used to wave an unfriendly finger at the opposition, not stand up for the many concerns of our communities.

I welcome corrections or clarifications on any of the statements presented above. My job is to be an active and informed citizen, not be forced into painstakingly researching the thousands of motions in the house over the last 5 years in order to see if my Member of Parliament is representing my constituency. I stand confident in suggesting that either our representation is weak or the communication from our current representative is fragile at best. Regardless, it is unacceptable and improvement is needed by both our incumbent or the other candidates running. If indeed our Member of Parliament is consistently advocating on our behalf, the lack of communication is inexcusable.

I have no doubt that being a Member of Parliament is a difficult job, but they are also well paid for it! It is time that as voters we hold our federal representatives to a higher standard and remove the voting culture that we must always vote the same way. Brian Storseth, what have you done for us lately?


Thomas Holmes
(Morinville resident and Conservative voter in the last Federal Election)

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  1. Might be a bit of a late comment here, but there is a very very easy way to keep track of what Mr. Storseth is saying in parliament.

    Go to this website: http://openparliament.ca/politicians/brian-storseth/

    You will see a constantly updated list of every time Brian talks and votes.

    If you’re into RSS feeds, here’s the link: http://openparliament.ca/politicians/455/rss/activity/

    I just add that link to my google reader, and can easily judge the pulse of the parliamentary actions of Mr. Storseth.

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