readers select most effective member of council

Above are the voting results from last fall's municipal election. but how are they viewed five months later by readers?

By Staff

Morinville – Last week’s informal reader poll focused on Morinville Town Council and asked the question who has been the most effective member of council thus far?

First term Councillor Lisa Holmes took the poll hands down with 54 per cent of the overall vote. Holmes came in third spot in last fall’s municipal election with 1,007 votes – just 42 votes behind veteran Councillor Paul Krauskopf and 81 votes behind the auto-dialling front runner in the election, Councillor Gordon Boddez.

Krauskopf came in second in’s reader poll with 16 per cent of the vote. Krauskopf was followed closely by Mayor Lloyd Bertschi with 15 per cent of the vote.

The mayor was followed by Councillors Boutestein (7 per cent), Pattison (4 per cent), Boddez (3 per cent) and Van de Walle (1 per cent).

Excluding the mayor from the equation, we see some similarities and differences between the effectiveness poll and results from last week’s reader poll. Below are the comparrison’s between our poll and last fall’s election results.

  1. Polled 1st Lisa Holmes (3rd in election)
  2. Polled 2nd Paul Krauskopf (2nd in election)
  3. Polled 3rd Nicole Boutestein (4th in election)
  4. Polled 4th David Pattison (5th in election)
  5. Polled 5th Gordon Boddez (1st in election)
  6. Polled 6th Ben van de Walle (6th in election)

Readers of and Monday Morning News will have the chance to vote for council members as well as a number of Morinville businesses and services this weekend. The first bi-annual Joe Morinville awards will be conducted this weekend at the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show. Pick up the Apr. 11 edition of Monday morning News for the ballot form or drop by the / Monday Morning News booth at the trade show to fill out a ballot.

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