Long weekend results in plenty of motoring charges

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

The province’s RCMP and Sheriffs issued more than 4,000 charges over the easter long weekend. Over the Apr. 21 to Apr. 25 crackdown a total of 4,191 charges were laid throughout the province.

Speeding drivers accounted for 3,501 of the charges. Additional charges included 28 hazardous driving charges, 86 charges for failing to stop at a stop sing, 72 seat belt violations, 26 child restraint infractions and 406 non-hazardous violations, including no insurance and suspended licences.

Alcohol-related charges were less than on many long weekend blitzes. In total, police issued 16 impaired driving charges and an additional 56 24-hour suspensions for alcohol or drug use.

RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs and other policing units have been focusing their monthly safety message on speeding throughout April. Each month police target a different aspect of traffic safety.

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