Vanier celebrates Morinville’s centennial

Students at École G.P. Vanier School in Morinville returned to the early 1900s May 5 to take part in their own centennial celebrations. Submitted photos

Submitted by Marlene Pelletier
Principal École G.P. Vanier School

Morinville – On Thursday, May 5, staff and students participated in a variety of activities that helped to launch Morinville’s Centennial. Our goal for the day was to allow the students to examine values, beliefs, and traditions by exploring the Morinville community in a cultural, linguistic and social way. Staff and students dressed like they did in the early 1900s. Recess and gym time were spent playing games such as marbles and hopscotch. Classroom activities included writing on chalkboards, tending to the baby chicks and stoking the fire. Staff and students did not use any technology on this day, no announcements, no electronic bells, no Smartboard, no computers, etc. It was a great learning experience for all.

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  1. I thought you all did a great job of dressing up — have to say though when I saw the “nun” I flashbacked to grade two !! Just made me laugh.

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