Visitor defends Legal’s murals

Dear Editor:

As an Anglophone Albertan from Pigeon Lake area with an interest in art and history I was concerned with an article in the Morinville News, May3, 2011, regarding the murals in the town of Legal, Alberta. A few weeks ago I was not aware that these murals existed until I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Chauvet and he offered to give me a tour. The comments made in the article brought some questions to mind.

1. What is the CTS intention with adding more murals and if the same artists are used, why would the quality be any less? What I saw and thoroughly enjoyed were very impressive.

2. Who is responsible now for the quality if the town is dissatisfied, could they not assume quality control of any new murals to be added? Did you, as a collective group, tour the murals and discuss what they depict?

3. In regards to “where” the new murals would be placed, who owns these murals? The CTS or Town or building owner? Are the murals removable so that if a building or home were to be sold could the mural be placed elsewhere.

4. In regards to Councillor Magera’s statement, their own schools have not been taken on a guided tour, I wondered why they have not? In the one and half hours I toured these murals, I gained such an appreciation for Canadian history and the people who helped build Canada. It would be very sad not to give our children and grand children the opportunity to gain some Canadian pride, which is missed sadly enough, in our school system these days. Why would any teacher not leap at the chance to teach some Canadian history through a fun field trip? My grandchildren attend Alberta schools and I would love to have them and their classes go on a tour.

I also had the opportunity to see the work of the sculpture in progress and even in its unfinished state, I could see what an impressive addition it will bring to the collection and pride of the town. If the Town or citizens of Legal are dissatisfied with it in any way, I know our community would be more than happy to display it in pride as it depicts a cross Canada scene.

I thank Mr. Chauvet for the tour and understand his appreciation of all the nationality’s, especially of the Ukrainian, contribution’s in his community.

E. Gail Sillito

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