Auditor’s report shows Sturgeon County’s financial statements in good shape

By Stephen Dafoe

Sturgeon County – The municipal audit for Sturgeon County is in for 2010 and shows the County’s finances are in good hands. Phil Dirks with Hawkings Epp Dumont LLP made a presentation to County Council Tuesday morning, providing an overview and opinion on the county’s financial statement.

Dirks told council the County’s financial assets currently sit at $27,234,753, the majority of which is $12,435,336 in cash and short-term investments. On the liabilities side of the ledger, Sturgeon County had $44,094,451 in debt as of Dec. 31, 2010. That figure is made up of $19,300,280 in long-term debt, $16,636,232 in deferred revenue and $8,157,939 in accounts payable and accrued liabilities.

Property taxes provided the County with more than two-thirds of its 2010 revenues of $33,811,636. Net municipal taxes were $24,470,219.

Expenses in 2010 were $34,593,700, giving the County a deficit of $782,064 between revenues and expenses. Roads, streets and storm drainage accounted for almost 25 per cent of county expenditures in 2010. General administration took the second largest chunk of the County’s budget at $5,850,792.

Council salaries disclosed

Part of the annual financial statement is a disclosure of council salaries in accordance with provincial regulations. Sturgeon County Mayor Don Rigney received $87,172 in 2010, a figure that consists of a base salary of $70,216, honoraria of $7,200 and benefits of $9,756. Division 1 Councillor Don McGeachy received $68,834 between salary, honoraria and benefits. McGeachy was followed by Division 2 Councillor Tom Flynn at $64,283, Division 3 Councillor Ken McGillis at $54,123, Division 5 Councillor Joe Milligan at $60,082 and Division 6 Councillor Karen Shaw $66,960. Division 4 salaries and benefits consisted of $49,203 for outgoing Councillor Jerry Kaup and $10,372 for incoming Councillor David Kluthe for a total of $59,575.

Additionally, Sturgeon County’s CAO earned $199,220 in salary and an additional $30,448 in benefits for a total of $229,668. In total, Sturgeon County spent $621,863 on council and CAO salaries in 2010.

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