County extends transportation contract for Edmonton Garrison

By Staff

Sturgeon County – The transit service agreement between the City of Edmonton and Sturgeon County to provide transportation to the Edmonton Garrison will continue. Sturgeon County Council unanimously approved extending the contract with Edmonton Tuesday morning. That extension will run from Aug. 28, 2011 until Aug. 25, 2012.

Sturgeon County Manager of Community Services Terry Cashin said the program will cost the County $276,490 during the contract period, an increase of three per cent over 2010-2011figures. Cashin attributed the increase to a rise in maintenance and gas prices. It is estimated weekday service will cost a total of $173,668 during the extension with another $102,821 for weekend service for the total of $276,490.

Although the costs of providing the service have changed slightly, so too has the route. The new route taking effect in July will be from Eaux Claires Transit Centre on 97 Street and 157 Avenue, down 97 Street and entering the base at Sturgeon Road.

Cashin said he originally felt rerouting due to road changes would increase round trip timing, but said the new route will not see an increase in trip time. “We’re going to be able to maintain the same 45-minute round trip,” he said.

The service will continue to be provided six hours per day Monday to Friday and 12 hours per day on weekends. The service had approximately 19,000 riders in 2010. The service averaged 1,595 riders per month during the first quarter of 2011.

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