Sturgeon hockey to unite Legal and Morinville leagues

By Staff

Morinville – Minor hockey players will be skating under a new banner next season if Hockey Alberta accepts the amalgamation of the Morinville and Legal Minor Hockey Associations.

Morinville Minor Hockey Association President Brent Melville said the amalgamation evolved over the past few years.
“About three years ago Legal and Morinville started the process of amalgamating the two associations,” he said, adding both communities were seeing a dwindling of numbers in certain age groups. “The first year was sort of a trial thing. We didn’t do all the levels.”

The first trial year brought some Legal Pee wee players to Morinville, with Bantam and Midgets following in subsequent years. Last season saw cross overs at all levels.

“For three years we’ve been ironing out the kinks and trying to make it work for both associations,” Melville said.
Legal’s minor hockey association voted in favour of the amalgamation Apr. 20 with Morinville following suit Apr. 28. All that is required to make the new Sturgeon Hockey Club official is the seal of approval from Hockey Alberta, something Melville said is really a formality at this point as the two former associations have written bylaws for the new association have been written.

“Officially next year the two associations will be as one and we’ll be called the Sturgeon Hockey Club,” Melville said, adding the amalgamation will allow the one association access to two rinks, providing more ice time for the players.

Melville anticipates the amalgamation and pooling of players will see three or four teams on the ice at each level, allowing Sturgeon to continue its existing Double A teams.

“All of that helps bring kids to play at the highest level they can,” Melville said. “Equals play with equals.”

Hockey Alberta will make their decision June 11, and the Sturgeon Hockey Club will elect its president June 16, at which time the two former associations will officially dissolve.

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