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Morinville’s Centennial Lady turns 100

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(Last Updated On: May 30, 2011)
Thalia Fischbach receives flowers and a gift from Town of Morinville employee Peggy Gilchrist Monday afternoon in honour of her 100th birthday.

By Staff

Morinville – There was plenty of cake to go around at Aspen House Monday afternoon as Thalia Fiscbach was recognized on her 100th birthday.

To honour the occasion, Fischbach was presented with a cake, balloons and presents from the town of Morinville on behalf of the community she now calls home.

Born May 30, 1911, Thalia has become a celebrity in the town that shares her birthday year. The centennial citizen has been a guest of honour at Morinville’s Family Day Celebrations and Royal Canadian Legion’s Seniors’ Luncheon, both held in February.

On both occasions as well as Monday’s birthday, Fischbach has a little taste of icing before cutting the cake.

Thalia has shared the celebrity stage this year with Morinville’s Centennial Baby, Jayden Wood who was born Jan. 2. Thalia recently knitted a sweater for her fellow centennial honouree.

Fischbach moved to Morinville from Bon Accord nine months ago and is well-regarded at Aspen House for her sharp wit and penchant for keeping her fellow residents on their diets as well as on their toes.

Aspen House recently celebrated another birthday milestone when Ms. Dora Nadon turned 103 May 11.

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2 thoughts on “Morinville’s Centennial Lady turns 100

  1. Just a little comment. I trhink that ythe century child ,should have some coverage as well ythe the 100 year old woman. the childs name is .jayden wood.she is aDORABLE and i think she merrits the same coverage. Sso it would be nice if you could find some room for her. This is just a grammys love showing. Thank u for listening.

    1. We already have covered Baby Jayden, several times this year in fact – both here at and in the pages of Monday Morning News.

      In fact, we acknowledge the centennial baby in this article on mrs. Fischbach’s 100th birthday.

      Do let us know if the baby does something newsworthy that we can cover. We were invited to Mrs. Fischbach’s birthday party and would accept an invitation to Baby Jayden’s as well.

      If there something we’re missing with respect to the centennial baby, please let us know.

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