Monday Morning News – June 6

The June 6 edition of Monday Morning News hits store shelves and restaurant counters Monday morning. This week’s edition is 28 pages of Morinville news and views. This week’s issue contains the following news stories:

Secular education coming to Morinville in September
Morinville’s Centennial Lady turns 100
Survey results first step in community moving forward
Letter: community Cultural centre’s first event
Letter: Rock concert less a problem than implied
Letter: Wake up residents of Morinville
Community Calendar
I have my diploma now what?
Library looking to make a splash with summer reading program
Canyon Rose show unites old fans with new
Around the town
Morinville Plaza hotel and Suites open for business
Car show – photo gallery
Sturgeon teachers pitch in for mental health
Wolves take to field over weekend
Joe Morinville
Farmer’s Market gets off to a wet and chilly start
Plus photos of faces and places around town

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