Cardiff Corner discussion rescheduled

By Staff

Morinville – Almost a month after it was originally scheduled, a public meeting to discuss the treacherous Cardiff Corner / Highway 2 intersection is set to take place early next week. Originally set for May 16, the event was abruptly cancelled when Slave Lake was hit by devastating wildfire the night before. The Town of Morinville has announced the meeting will now take place June 13 at 2 p.m. in council chambers, and are inviting everyone to come to the public discussion.

But just what the nature of that discussion will be is being as closely guarded as when the meeting was first announced in May. Given the presence of Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock MLA Ken Kowalski and Minister of Transportation Luke Oullette, it is doubtless something important will be discussed.

One area resident who is pleased to hear of the upcoming meeting is Paul Pelletier, who spent most of his life in Morinville before moving to St. Albert in 2009. Pelletier sees the intersection of Highway 2 and Cardiff Road, located just outside Morinville, as an unnecessarily dangerous intersection. Dangerous enough that he named his facebook group Cardiff Corner is a Death Trap!

But Pelletier’s name choice was not merely words intended to fuel the fires of righteous indignation felt by the 462 Facebook users who agree with him that something needs to be done about the corner. For Pelletier, the opinion is one born of personal experience. In January of 2010, relatives were involved in an accident at the troubled intersection, an accident that involved a long hospital term for one of them.

“The upcoming meeting is great news,” Pelletier said in an e-mail interview Monday. “I have no doubt that our elected officials see this as an area of major concern and are pushing to resolve the issues of this dangerous corner before it takes any more lives.”

Although no specifics have been mentioned since the Town of Morinville’s original release, as reported May 12, the Honourable Ken Kowalski may have let a bit slip at Morinville’s centennial event. While in town for the centennial celebration Apr. 18 Kowalski performed a re-enactment of Morinville’s incorporation as a town. During his ad lib in the character of the politician who delivered the original proclamation to Morinville in 1911, Kowalski‘s character said he saw another overpass in Morinville’s future.

Whether Monday’s discussion concerning the treacherous corner will be focused on an overpass or some other method of mitigating traffic concerns remains to be seen, but the fact the two politicians will be present is evidence the corner is on the province’s radar.

Residents are invited to come to council chambers June 13 at 2 p.m. to find out for themselves.

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  1. I wish this wasn’t at such a horrible time. I live in the area but work very far away. I would love to come and find out first hand what they discuss but unfortunately will have to wait for the news release to find out what they plan on doing to fix this problem.

    • We would expect to have news coverage on the discussion / decision posted here late that afternoon or early that evening.

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