MCHS Blue and White Awards recognizes athletic success

Track coach Terry Maslyk presented awards to the relay team for their efforts this year. From left: Terry Maslyk, Devin Kieser, Graham Arychuk, Luc Mercier and Brett Wenger.

Luc Mercier
By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Student athletes and staff gathered together in the Morinville Community High School gymnasium Thursday afternoon to recognize the school’s athletic prowess and achievements.

Each of the school’s sports programs from cross country to basketball were given an opportunity to recap the highlights of their year, with captains and coaches presenting awards to team members who excelled in various aspects of their respective sports.

Katrina Lessard
Individual awards were given for leadership, dedication, perseverance, most improved and most valuable team mates in volleyball, golf, badminton, curling, basketball and track and field programs.

The highlight of the awards ceremony was the recognition of the school’s top athletes, an award that selected the best of the best from across the sports spectrum.

Six students were given awards for being three star athletes for three consecutive years. Graham Arychuk, Sean Bulger, Quinn Bunten Walberg, Brandon Daubert, Luc Mercier and Brett Wenger were recipients of the award.

Luc Mercier and Katrina Lessard were also selected from among a roster of athletes to be pointed out for the Coaches’ Choice Award.

Track relay team recognized

Also pointed out for some special recognition was the MCHS relay team of Devin Kieser, Graham Arychuk, Luc Mercier and Brett Wenger. The students were four of 20 athletes who went to provincials over the June 3 weekend after the MCHS track team picked up 20 gold, 14 silver and seven bronze medals at recent zone competitions.

Coach Terry Maslyk said the four students came onto the team in 2009, taking gold that year, but after a fourth place finish in 2010, came back determined to win.

“Since that time to a week ago they had a goal of getting back on the podium,” Maslyk said. “They reached their goal.”
Maslyk said the difference between the team’s third place finish and the silver medalist was measured in a blink of an eye, an incredible accomplishment given the MCHS team was against the best Edmonton had to offer.

“Here we have four little hick boys from small town Morinville and raced against the best of all Edmonton,” Maslyk said.
After presenting the four students with certificates, the boys turned the tables on Maslyk, giving him an award recognizing his coaching leadership over the past three years.

Award Recipients

***3 Star Athletes***
Haiden Hurtig Basketball, Badminton, Track & Field
Jayden Johnson Wahkeenew X-Country, Volleyball, Badminton
Keyen Bulger Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Allen Crier Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Brandon Eisenrich X-Country, Basketball, Badminton
Jayda Dorland Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton
Carrie Mossey Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Kaitlyn Dryden Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Taylor Rutkowski X-Country, Volleyball,
Brittany Wilson Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Taylor Hubley Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Brandon Schmidtheisler Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Sean Bulger Golf, Volleyball, Badminton
Brandon Daubert Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton

***4 Star Athletes***
Steven Jones X-Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Katrina Lessard X-Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Chris Auger Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Track & Field
Johnny Baillargeon Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Track & Field
Rebecca Dubord Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Track & Field
Barry Mercier Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton
Quin Bunten-Walberg Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton
Luc Mercier Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Track & Field
Brett Wenger Golf, Volleyball, Badminton, Track & Field

3 Star Athletes for 3 Consecutive years
Graham Arychuk
Sean Bulger
Quinn Bunten Walberg
Brandon Daubert
Luce Mercier
Brett Wenger

Coaches Choice Award
Presented annually to a male and female athlete who best demonstrate the
qualities of sportsmanship, athletic ability, cooperation, leadership, commitment to sports,
strong attendance and good academic standing. These students are models of an active
lifestyle and a positive attitude within our school.

Female Coaches Choice
This years Coaches Choice recipient is Katrina Lessard

Male Coaches Choice
The 2010-2011 Male Coaches Choice recipient is Luc Mercier

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