Notre Dame students recognized for their positive actions

From left: Steven Johnson, Community Peace Officer James Alaeddine and Dylan House pose for a photo outside the Morinville RCMP Detachment. The two Notre Dame students were May recipients of the positive ticketing program.

By Staff

Morinville – Community Peace Officer James Alaeddine got out his positive ticket book for two Notre Dame students in May, but the recognition occurred on two occasions and in two separate locations.

Eleven-year-old Dylan House was recognized for his work as a school cross guard, 10-year-old Steven Johnson for wearing a helmet while riding his bike. For both boys, being stopped by Peace Officer Alaeddine came as a surprise.

“He stopped me and asked what my name was, and he asked me why do I do this [school crossing],” Dylan said. “I said that I like to help get kids across the street safely.”

That’s when the community peace officer gave Dylan a positive ticket and told him to enter it in the monthly draw. “I was very happy, and I said, ‘thank you very much.”

For Steven, being summoned by Alaeddine was a surprise that started with a little concern. “I came out of my driveway on my bike and the peace officer told me to come over here,” Steven said. “I got scared and he just told me that I got a positive ticket.”

Both Steven and Dylan received a certificate and a cheque for $100 each. Steven said he plans to purchase a new war-theme video game. Dylan is planning to bank the money to buy his first car, a few years down the road.

Each month two Morinville young people are rewarded with a $100 cheque and certificate for being in the right place at the right time while doing something good.

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