Editorial: Saying goodbye to a trusted news source

It is seldom newspapers make complimentary statements about other newspapers, but a hat needs to be tipped to the Saint City News who announced Tuesday they will be closing their doors later this month, their last edition to be published June 24.

The publication was recently purchased by Great West Newspapers, owners of the St. Albert Gazette. An article published Tuesday on the Saint City News website cited overhead costs and the publication’s viability as reasons for the decision to suspend the publication.

Although their focus has been of necessity on the city alluded to in their name, Saint City News has had a strong presence in Morinville and has done a solid job of reporting on the soft and hard news stories that affect this community, giving another voice and view on those stories and events. That voice will be regrettably missed in this community.

Since moving to Morinville, I’ve always been fond of the publication and its style, both visually and editorially. Since being involved in the news business in Morinville, I’ve had nothing but respect for those Saint City News reporters and photographers whom I’ve had the pleasure to stand alongside while covering community events and local stories.

Despite the competitive nature of the business end of publications, news people generally get along well together and are willing to help one another, particularly when one of us didn’t quite hear what was said. And why not? When we have to spend so much time together at events, it only makes sense to be on amicable terms. It’s called professionalism and Saint City News had it in spades.

We’ll miss sharing a wall or table with their crew and we are sure St. Albert and Morinville will miss cracking open the publication every week.

MorinvilleNews.com and Monday Morning News would like to publicly thank Saint City News for their years of dedication to covering the news and wish the employees well on the road that lies ahead.

Stephen Dafoe

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