Wildrose candidate asks why so long on Cardiff corner decision

Dear editor:

As the Wildrose candidate for this area in the upcoming provincial election, I congratulate the incumbent MLA and the government for their surprise announcement yesterday that they will build a new overpass at Cardiff corner on Highway 2 south of town. That level crossing is by far the most frightening intersection I’ve come across in our constituency.

Why it took the present government so many years to act matters less than that they finally have. Lower-cost alternative solutions – acted upon sooner – would probably have made more sense, but would have been less visible and impressive.
It is noteworthy that in one breath the government says the cost and design of this overpass are unknown, and how it will tie in to the new Edmonton bypass is unknown, but that work will begin this fall come what may. With this government, impulsive, splashy, election-related spending is standard procedure. It helps explain the gravity of our provincial deficit, and why after two resource booms and forty years of PC rule we have almost nothing in our provincial savings account.

Hopefully Albertans will opt next time for a new government that puts planning and public need ahead of political opportunity.

Link Byfield
Candidate, Wildrose Alliance

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  1. I agree with you on giving congratulations on this fantastic news!

    BUT, I do not think it should be turned into a political stone throwing.
    Let’s leave this great news be great news and be happy that many lives are going to be saved.

    I think most all area residents agree that this overpass is needed.
    And no matter whose party is, was or will be voted in, it would need to be funded.

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