Something fishy at Heritage Lake

Josh examines a net full of stock trout just before they were released in Heritage Lake Thursday afternoon.

Morinville – Akenberry Trout Farms paid a visit to Heritage Lake on a wet afternoon June 16 to stock the popular year-round fishing hole with another 3,000 rainbow trout. The man-made lake is stocked three times a year for a total of 9,000 trout. An additional 1,000 are deposited in the Morinville fish and Game Club Pond. The stocking program was originally paid for by the local outdoor organization, but is currently supported through a provincial program that used revenue from fishing and hunting licences to stock Alberta’s fishing locations. Each year hundreds of fishing enthusiasts fish from open and frozen waters to procure some trout to fry, some coming from as much as 200 miles away to fish.

Fish pour out with the water from the trout farm truck.
The fish make their way down the tube towards the lake as Town employee and Fish and Game Club member Len and granddaughter look on.

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