Council asked to decide on photo radar contract extension

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The Town of Morinville’s controversial photo radar program is on Tuesday night’s council agenda, but this time it is not a delegation of irate residents who have been stung exceeding the posted limit set to do the talking. Council is being asked by administration for direction on extending the Town of Morinville’s contract with Independent Traffic Services Ltd. For the next two years.

A presentation was made by retired police officer Kevin Wedick during the June 14 meeting of council during which he voiced complaints against Independent Traffic Services (ITS) for what he and approximately 20 residents who came out to the meeting see as unethical practices in the operation of the Town’s photo radar. The resident complaints largely centred on issuing tickets in transition zones.

ITS began its contract with the Town of Morinville in 2009. In their background information to council, administration point out the program has been successful over the past two years, dramatically decreasing speeders through town and increasing safety by reducing speeders through school zones.

The current contract is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2011. Council is being presented two options for consideration Tuesday night: continue the contract with ITS for another two years or consider dropping the contract and taking on the duty of photo radar themselves, an option that would require significant capital investment for equipment as well as increased salaries for Community Police Officers (CPO).

More on the agenda

Also on Tuesday night’s agenda are the following highlights:

Second and third reading of Morinville’s Land Use Bylaw amendments
Community standards bylaw first reading
A notice of motion to implement a finance and audit committee for the Town of Morinville.

The public portion of Tuesday night’s council meeting takes place at 7:30 p.m. will not be broadcasting this week’s council meeting because of a scheduling conflict.

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  1. Cash cow or not, only the speeders contribute to the fund. Everyone knows Morinville has photo radar not to mention Peace officers.

    Is it not surprising that only those caught seem to be against photo radar.

    I do not always follow the speed limit but you will not hear me complain when my big boy choice to speed is followed by a ticket for doing so. I’ll be a big boy and just pay it.

    The revenue goes to cover the cost of the new Community cultural centre.

    I for one say KEEP the photo radar.

    All others who agree should say so here as well because I know most of council follows this publication.

    We know the ones that do not want it will surly say so.

  2. Just so I’m one hundred percent clear on this… Transition zones refer to places where the speed switches from one speed to another yes? Is it not the law that you be doing the speed limit posted when you come to a sign?

  3. No, you can not be going the new speed without breaking the old speed.

    Otherwise, just think of those with realy good eye sight. They would start to speed up a like 500m before.

    and, any posted speed is the max you can go, not the min, and not the only speed you can go.

  4. I don’t think I explained what I was meaning very well. When coming off the highway for example at the east end of town, when you get to the 50 KM/H you should be doing 50 or less, not just starting to slow down. When exiting town, you must maintain the 50 KM/H limit until AFTER you pass the 100 KM/H sign. That is how I understood the law to work. If I’m wrong could someone fill me in please? Thanks.

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