Drag race champion gives birth after weekend victories

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Morinville – After being the top race winner in last Saturday’s Noah’s Ark Hamster Races, an unnamed competitor gave birth to a litter of little pink hamsters Sunday morning. Both mother and babies are doing well, although it is too soon to tell is any of the offspring will grow up to follow their mother’s footsteps in next year’s event.

Noah’s Ark Pets and Supplies owner Tammy Frieze brought in a dozen of the racing rodents for the June 25 event. Approximately 22 young people selected their driver and set them to racing in a specially-constructed drag strip for hamsters.

First Place Winner Joran Hessell
This year’s first place trophy went to Jordan Hessell. Second and third place trophies went to John Hessell and Isabella Harding, respectively.

The races were an overwhelming success for Frieze and her store. The local business woman ran similar events in Yorkton, Saskatchewan for six years when she owned a pet shop there.

The dragsters used in Saturday’s hamster races were replaced by actual automobiles for Sunday’s road rally. First place team was made up of Rémi Gendron, Lilianne Poirier and Béatrice Porier. Second place winners were Lisa Harding, Cynthia Wandler and Mandy Scott. Third place was Catherine Cochlin, ann Kelly and Kieran Kelly.

The champion and her litter
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