Letter: Sports entertainment company pleased with council decision

Editor’s Note: The following letter is in response to Council wrestles with permissible cultural centre events

Dear Editor:

It was with great pleasure when we read that council had decided to let our company, Force Pro Wrestling, perform in Morinville’s new and very attractive Culture Centre. We understand the town’s concerns and are very grateful to be given the opportunity to not just showcase our company’s ability to entertain the public but also to hopefully break ground and pave the way for other unique companies to do the same.

It should be noted that after years of planning, this will be Force Pro Wrestling’s first live show and we are honoured to do so in Morinville. We have a slightly different approach to sports entertainment and we hope that the town will join us for an evening of all-ages excitement! We’ll see you August 20!

Jay Bardyla, C.F.O.
FORCE Pro Wrestling

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