Morinville Public Library closing ahead of move

Stacks of boxes at the Morinville Public Library await the movers. The library is closed until July 20, when it will open at the Morinville Parish Hall.
By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The doors to the Morinville Public Library will be closed for the next couple of weeks. when they reopen, they will reopen a couple blocks away. The library and Town offices will be moving to the Morinville Parish Hall in mid-July, where they will remain until renovations to St. Germaine Plaza are completed in late December, early January. The library will be closing July 4 and will reopen at the new location July 20.

The decision to close down between now and the moving date was made to allow library staff to pack up the library’s collections. Library staff have slowly begun packing away the library’s 23,000 volumes of books over the past couple of weeks, but have come to a point where both space and time are limited.

Smaller space, same service

Although the library will return with an expanded facility, the next six months will mean less space for both the Town of Morinville offices and library. But while the space may be cut, Librarian Cheryl Pasechnik explained library services will continue.

“We are still open and we are going to do our best to make sure everyone is looked after,” she said.

Most of the library’s book collection will be stored during renovations; however, the library will continue to receive books over the summer. “We are taking with us all the DVDs, the music, audio books, and we will still be getting new books delivered every week,” Pasechnik said. “Everything else will be inter-library loaned.”

Pasechnik said patrons can order books online through the TRAC computer system or stop by the library to have staff do it for them.

While the flow of books to and from the library through new releases and inter-library loan will continue unabated, those looking to use the public computers will see a reduction in access during the relocation. Pasechnik said the library will have two laptops available for the public to use; however, time access will be limited. Currently the library has seven public-access computers, which are used throughout the day. Due to the reduction to two units during renovations, users may be limited to ten minute sessions so they can access their e-mail. Those needing computers to work on their resumes can do so at Career Employment and Counselling Services, located next to the Mac’s store on 100 Street.

The library’s faxing, scanning and photocopying services will continue while the library is at the Parish Hall.

While the library is closed in preparation for the move, they will still be taking phone calls and still taking returned books. “We are still accepting books at the outside drop box until the 15th when the drop box will be locked,” Pasechnik said, noting patrons are asked to hold on to their books after that point until the library reopens at the Parish Hall July 20. Those who have books on hold will be able to pick them up when the library opens. Staff will change the hold date to preserve the reservations for patrons.

Programs unaffected

Although the library and Town will share cramped quarters during the renovation period, ample room is being provided for the library’s Summer Reading Program and other events at the Community Cultural Centre. “It’ll still be as awesome as usual,” Pasechnik said, adding the story teller and magician booked to perform for children this summer will also take place at the centre. Additionally, the library’s book club and knitting club will meet at the cultural centre during renovations; the quilting group will meet at the Morinville Baptist Church.

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