Vibration technology offers benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike

T-zone vibration technology is a popular tool used by athletes and non-athletes alike. – File Photo
By Staff

Morinville – There’s a whole lot of shaking going on at Entheos Wellness Centre in Morinville these days, but the shaking isn’t to some old Jerry Lee Lewis tune – it’s the shaking of muscles belonging to people looking for better health. The local wellness centre offers its clients new and old an opportunity to try out the benefits of vibration technology, something Entheos owner Dianne Calverly believes is of benefit to athletes and those who do not have the time to engage in athletics.

“T-zone vibration is working the muscles in the body; it’s getting your circulation moving; it’s increasing your metabolism; it’s going to help break down some cellulite and remove toxins,” Calverly said. “It’s really good for athletes, body builders, anyone doing marathons or running. It’s going to help with getting the muscles prepared for doing whatever it is they are going to do.”

But beyond a preparatory tool for athletes, Calverly advocates the use of her vibration technology machines for after the athletic endeavour to break down the lactic acid generated during exercise. Calverly said normally six hours is needed between vibration technology sessions; however, those engaged in athletics on a regular basis can easily handle a post workout session.

Entheos uses T-zone vibration machines which provide an oscillating vibration that Caverly compares to being like walking barefoot in sand. “It’s very easy and gentle on the body,” she said, noting the machines offer different programs and levels of vibration that can be used as one’s body adjusts to the treatment. “The goal is not to reach the highest program that’s on the T-zone vibration; it’s to find where you are most comfortable and where you are benefitting from it.”

While Calverly believes most people can benefit from vibration technology, pregnant and breast feeding women should not use the machines. People with cancer or metallic implants should consult with their doctor first.

Although Entheos sees a lot of clients using the machines who are into running and martial arts, she feels the technology would greatly benefit hockey, baseball and soccer players as well to strengthen their leg muscles and increase flexibility. Calverly said vibration technology is a good compliment to what people are doing in any gym program.

But the technology is not just for the athletically inclined. Calverly said many clients use the machine for the weight loss benefits. “If you are going into it for a weight loss – basically it’s going to help toning but without doing extra exercises and things.”

Use of the machine is $7 per visit or $60 per month, and packages of five uses are available for $20. However, Entheos is always happy to allow someone to try the machine for the first time for free to see if it is for them. Machines are also available for purchase for those wanting the convenience of any time usage. Entheos Wellness Centre is located on 100 Avenue next to The Flower Stop.

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