Letter: Resident disappointed and upset about vandalism

  • Dear Editor:

    I write this today and cannot decide if I am more disappointed than I am upset but for sure I am both. Thursday night some person(s) ripped out my flagpole along with the Canadian flag and some of my solar yard lights, threw them on the lawn of my neighbour two doors down who happens to be retired from the armed forces.

  • It is very upsetting that someone would disrespect our Canadian flag and think nothing of it. It is bad enough vandalizing property but to include the Canadian flag causes anger and gives me a sick feeling.

    To the vandal(s):Did you do it because you were drunk? Did you do it because you were bored and there is nothing to do in Morinville? Did you do it because you thought it might be fun? Let me answer for you. You did it because you are a jerk. You did it because you are an idiot.
    Enough said.

    Best Regards,
    Paul Krauskopf

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    1. Damn right. I don’t care if you’re drunk or not, DON’T disrespect this great country we live in. People we all know put THEIR lives on the line so we can enjoy our freedoms’. Respect the FLAG, respect the people who fly it, but most of all, have some self respect!

    2. The sad thing is it is happening nightly with in our town. I work around our town until early in the am. What people don’t realise or don’t want to is we have many visitors come to our town in the wee hours. They look for opportunity and carelessness on our part. They drive the neighborhoods and cruise the industrial areas. The fast cars and trucks that make frequent stops around town in the “dark” areas making thier deliveries and pick ups and then beat it out of town are not dropping or picking up newspapers.

      The few drunks we do have walking around town at closing time are usually to drunk to even stand up and usually sleep it off in our church yard. The bored kids that walk around town with nothing to do will create the vandalism and tagging we see.

      Well, what can we do? Be more active in our community. Be aware of strangers in the neighborhood. Call the police. We have very few police cars or peace officers that actually are in our town at night. They usually just pass through. But the exception to this is the Morinville Peace officer – he is usually found trapping speeders between Tim Hortons and the Zoo.

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