Cancer prevention study coming to Morinville

By Staff

Morinville – École Georges P. Vanier School will play host to Alberta Health Services (AHS) and their Tomorrow Project next week. The long-term research study into the causes of cancer will be in town the week of Aug. 15 as part of the project’s goal to enroll 50,000 Albertans, ages 35 to 69, who have never had cancer.

“Much of the important knowledge to be gained from this project about what causes cancer will benefit our children and grandchildren,” said Dr. Paula Robson, principal investigator for the Tomorrow Project, in a release Aug. 5. “We are getting better at early detection of cancer and better at treatment, such that people are living longer after receiving a cancer diagnosis. However, one area we need to get better at is learning how to prevent cancer in the first place.”

Those interested in joining the study are invited to a community study centre at École George P. Vanier School from Aug. 15 to 18. Participants will be asked questions about their health and lifestyle, have some simple physical measurements taken and be asked to give small amounts of urine and blood or saliva. Appointments are necessary and will take about one hour.

Morinville is one of 13 proposed community study centres outside Calgary and Edmonton that will participate in the program through August and September.

“The opportunity to be represented as a community in a study of this size is one I support and encourage,” said Morinville Mayor Lloyd Bertschi in the same release. “It is my hope that identifying the causes of cancer will prevent the disease in the future.”

AHS figures show almost half of all Albertans will develop cancer in their lifetime and one in four will die from the disease. In Alberta Health Services’ Edmonton Zone, which includes Morinville, about 6,320 people developed cancer in 2009 (the latest year full records are available) and 2,000 died from the disease.

For information on or to join the study, visit and complete the online form. Those interested in participating may also call toll-free 1-877-919-9292. Spaces are limited at the Morinville community study centre and will be booked on a first-in, first-served basis. Those wishing to participate are encouraged to book appointments in advance.

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  1. I am an adult survivor of a childhood cancer, and I feel this is a great opportunity.

    As a child with cancer over 30 years ago even adults were afraid to be around me as if it were something they would catch like the flu or a cold.

    Awareness of this disease and prevention for you and your family and friends is so key. This knowledge can be a key step in understanding families and individuals as they go through this very challenging disease. Knowledge and compassion. And the grieving.

    Koodos to the Cross Cancer Institute, the Stollery and other such hospitals and programs where staff and volunteers are just amazing and compassionate.

    The support that is now available, which I have found through my gained awareness of the many resources available here in Edmonton, has given me the courage to keep going as I continue to be challenged with health issues.

    Thank you to everyone stepping up to be a part in finding a cure and turning ingnorance of this disese into awareness and compation. :-0

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