Letter: Drop off tips from Midstream Support Society

Dear Neighbours:

It happens most nights. Individuals are unloading their unwanted items behind the Community Corner Drop -In Thrift Store. Normally this is not a problem. Since some items are not suitable for resale it has become a problem.

The primary purpose of the Community Corner Drop-In is to help the community out by providing gently used clothing, household items, furniture and appliances in working condition at little cost to the shopper. All proceeds go to operating (utilities, maintenance, repairs etc.) the Volunteer-driven centre, helping families in need and giving back to our community.
With the funds generated some examples of those we have helped:

  • • Single parents
  • • Widows
  • • AISH and EI recipients
  • • Minimum wage earners
  • • Seniors
  • • Low income families

One of our major projects is supporting a lunch program for children in our schools.

When items such as:

  • • Old refrigerators and stoves that don’t work
  • • Soiled and/or mouldy clothing
  • • Boxes of broken dishes
  • • Broken furniture
  • • Ripped and/or soiled couches and chairs

are left on our doorstep, the volunteers have a big mess to clean up. The cost can be quite substantial as well.

The volunteers have no way to tell if the multiple dryers, washers, stoves or fridges dropped off in the dead of night work or not. Fridges cost the Society $20.00 per unit to get rid of. It cost the volunteer gas money to haul unacceptable items to the dump. This can add up if they are hauling every day. Never mind taking away volunteer time used to sort through and throw away numerous things that are not adequate.

In addition, when items are unloaded after hours they are damaged by weather or taken from the store property or rooted through and thrown all over the place. This leaves a huge mess (again volunteer time used up) and little that the store can sell and less money is available to invest in the lives of the needy.

Now we realize you think “but that is the only time we can come or get someone to help us” And we understand. Our ultimate goal would be to have drop offs during business hours 9 a.m to 3:30 p.m., and if that is not possible call 780-939-3953 during business hours to make arrangements. We have a team of volunteers that love what they do and if given enough notice someone will meet you when you are able to drop of you items. For anyone wondering if something is worth donating, the Midstream Support Society has a simple request – ASK.

We so appreciate the donations for without them we could not continue to make a big difference and in a small way to provide a better quality of life for those who need our help. Logically your donations keep us alive but if we have to use the proceeds to pay for the dump and gas or volunteer time it cancels your good works.

The Community Corner Drop –In is only one of the projects we take pride in doing listed below are other projects we do:

  • • Coffee Drop-in/Fellowship
  • • Supplies for Students Program
  • • Santa Store
  • • Family Christmas Party and Supper
  • • Christmas Hampers- assisting the Knights of Columbus
  • • Help families in need
  • • Community support
  • • School Lunch Program

The kind support and partnering from neighbours, community businesses and fundraising are the reason for our overwhelming success. We thank you once again for without you we would not be able to make any of our endeavours possible.

We would love to have you drop by, have a look and meet our dedicated volunteers.

Also we would love to have you as a volunteer. Volunteer applications are available at the Drop In -9922-101 Street.

Many thanks
Midstream Support Society.

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