Morinville’s outdoor gem

A couple and their dog spend a summer’s afternoon trying to catch some of the trout stocked annually in the pond.

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – It’s 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. The water is motionless at the Morinville Fish and Game Club Pond, but the activity is anything but. A teenage couple sit on the deck of the clubhouse exchanging salient thoughts about social media. Thirty feet away, a senior rests in a lawn chair under a tree, his eye trained on his fishing pole for any movement that might indicate he’s got a bit. On the other side of the pond a couple and their dog also have their lines in the water in the hopes of taking some trout home for dinner. And surrounding the human and animal activity, a woman rides her mountain bike around the trail followed by a newspaper editor with his camera.

Later that night, if all goes according to tradition, the cooler weather will bring out the joggers, runners, bikers and folks walking their dogs.

The Morinville Fish and Game Pond is the result of a construction borrow pit becoming filled from a natural spring and maintained and built upon by a local outdoor enthusiasts group and the Town of Morinville. It is a jewel in Morinville’s parks and recreation offerings, providing residents with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor sports and recreation flavours.

The addition of exercise equipment at two ends of the trail system provides young and old an opportunity to participate in Morinville’s Choose Well initiatives by being active. Leg thrusts, butterfly presses and pedal biking are all there for anyone to use free of charge, as is the trail system and scenic view.

The paved trail which runs around the pond and open space is just shy of one full kilometre, offering those looking to get into running sports of even walking an easy way to keep track of their distances.

The Morinville Fish and Game Club Pond is at the northernmost end of 107 Street, a road that is currently being paved to provide even easier access to the trail system and skateboard park.

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