Library to put sponsors on the books

By Robert Jump

Morinville – It has often been said you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when the Morinville Public Library and Multimedia Centre reopens later this year, you will be able to judge a library by its donors.

In an effort to raise funds for interior renovations to the library and multimedia centre, the Morinville Public Library Board will be doing an interesting variation on the donor wall concept. The idea for the innovative fundraiser was voted on at a meeting last month and donations are already coming in.

“It’s fairly common to do a wall of bricks in a new facility with each brick carrying the name of a person or business that made a contribution,” said Library Trustee Stephen Dafoe. “We thought it would be interesting to take that same concept and apply it to books.”

Dafoe explained a special display will be created in the new library that will feature a number of books with special dust jackets. Each book’s dust jacket will carry the name of the donor on the spine as if they were the author of that volume.
“There are many people who have always wanted to see their name on the spine of a book and this allows them to do so while helping the Morinville Public Library and Multimedia Centre raise funds to prepare it to better serve the community,” Dafoe said. “If we look at the expansion of the library as the next chapter of the library’s story, then those who donate to the cause truly are authors of the work.”

Each donor book in the display is available for a $100 donation. Donors are welcome to make a donation in excess of $100 and could have their name on the spine of several volumes in the display as a result. Additionally, funds raised could have a double impact as the Morinville Public Library Board will be seeking matching grant dollars.

The trustee noted the fundraiser has a greater benefit than merely raising funds. Not only will each $100 donation build a bank of funds to allow the library to install new equipment, counters and furniture in its Civic Plaza location once renovations are completed, the display will act as a constant reminder to the community that the library was renovated through the joint efforts of the Town of Morinville, library board and staff and the community at large.

“As our Library Manager Isabelle Cramp is fond of saying, the library is about more than books,” Dafoe said. “That is certainly true. Morinville’s library has the highest usage of e-books in the region, and is really a central information hub for the community with access to local periodicals, brochures and other information. Having seen the proposed layout for the expanded facility, I think it is going to be an even greater benefit to the community than it already is both in terms of books and all the other great things the library has to offer besides books.

Businesses and residents wishing to secure a book in the patrons’ book display can do so by contacting Stephen Dafoe at 780-800-3619 or Isabelle Cramp at 780-939-3292. Cheques can be dropped off at the Morinville Public Library, currently located in the bottom of the Parish Hall. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt.

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