Council gets detailed picture of census data

By Staff

Morinville – Town Council received a more detailed look at this spring’s municipal census data Tuesday night. The 15-page report presented to councillors covered a wide-range of information on Morinville’s 8,504 residents.

Population numbers have increased steadily in the community since 2006 when there were 6,775 residents. Two years later that number had increased to 7,228. By 2009 Morinville had 7,636 residents and gained another 11.4 per cent over the next two years to 8,504 residents.

Of that number, 45 per cent are female and 44 percent are male. The remaining 11 per cent are an unknown quantity due to some census respondents not responding to all questions on the survey.

But regardless of gender, Morinville remains a young community with a median age of 33.6. The community’s largest age demographic is the 25-34 age bracket which accounts for 17 per cent of Morinville’s population. Those aged 35-44 and those aged 45-54 account for another 14 per cent of Morinville’s population each.

Morinville’s employment information reveals some interesting data. Census responses indicate there were 733 people employed full time in Morinville and another 312 reporting part time employment in town. Edmonton represented the largest percentage of employment opportunities for Morinvillians with 1,366 reporting they had full-time positions there and another 114 reporting part time positions there. St. Albert accounted for 421 full-time and 191 part-time jobs.

The community’s residential picture reveals there are 3,433 dwellings in town with 2,970 of those occupied, 140 vacant and another 78 under construction. There are currently 233 vacant lots in town. Sixty-six per cent of Morinville’s homes are single family detached. Morinville’s dwellings are largely populated by owners with 2,325 reporting they owned their residences while only 376 said they rented. Another 732 dwellings occupants did not identify if they owned or rented.
Morinville’s 2011 municipal census was conducted from May 2 to June 30 and Morinville residents were offered an option of answering the census online this time around. Thirty-eight per cent of respondents chose to do so.

The census data will benefit Morinville in providing demographic information but also in securing additional provincial and federal funding that is based on per capita money.

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