Motivational speaker coming to Morinville to empower community

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Youth and adults will have an opportunity to experience the Power of One Oct. 6, the day businessman, philanthropist and motivational speaker Ian Hill comes to town offering several sessions for a variety of age groups and community interests. Regardless of the specific target audience, all of Hill’s sessions are designed to make Morinville an even better place to live.

Morinville’s Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Coordinator Amy Dribnenky said she encountered Hill at a youth conference she attended last year, one which she and area youth came away from equally impressed with Hill’s message. “I can tell you my youth group that I brought with me were very impacted by what he had to say,” Dribnenky said, noting Hill’s name came to the top when the town was looking to strengthen its youth strategy. “He has done so much work in so many communities across North America. He’s got an absolutely amazing story.”

Dribnenky said Hill is coming to town to share his story and experiences with the community. What started out as an invite to speak to Morinville’s youth has blossomed into a full-blown outreach to the community at large to motivate and empower Morinvillians.

Hill will take part in several presentations throughout the day, the first of which begins at 7:30 a.m. and is aimed at Morinville’s business community. The breakfast session will teach business owners how to increase their triple bottom line to become a business that is good for employer and employees, the business’ customers and the community in which the business operates.

The second event will take place at 9:15 a.m. and is targeted at groups looking to expand or maintain their volunteer base. Titled Growing Volunteers in the 21st Century, the session will address how the battle for people’s time, talent and treasure is won by great leadership.

“The nature and the mind set of volunteers is significantly different than it’s been in the past,” Hill said in a video presentation to the community. “In the past, participating in my community, giving of my time, talent and treasure was obligatory. The only way we’d survive is if we all pitched in.” Hill said a transition occurred where the obligatory volunteerism of the past became one where would-be volunteers wanted proof the organization or initiative was worth their time. “I think we have to be aware that today’s society is a user driven society,” he said. “Even in the most rural communities, people are used to having a say. People are used to being able to be a part of the decision making. Whether that’s online banking or iTunes, they are used to being a participant. Hill said volunteer organizations have to rethink their strategies and methods of communication to see if they are the methods the times require.

In the afternoon, Hill will meet with area students who have been identified as leaders in their schools and community as well as with members of council in a separate session. The council session will allow Hill to share his experiences from other communities, identifying what he has seen that works and does not work.

The evening will be reserved for a celebration and inspiration to Discover the Power of One, an event designed to help celebrate people and businesses who are making a difference in the lives of children and youth in Morinville. The event begins at 6:30 p.m.

“I believe that every individual, every neighbourhood, every community is one idea, one voice, one action, one person away from being better tomorrow than it was yesterday,” Hill said, noting the Oct. 6 event will be an opportunity to celebrate a large number of those one persons and organizations that have made a significant impact in the lives of kids and youth in Morinville. “In addition, we’re going to talk about how all of us can use the power and potential that’s within us to come together to build a better Morinville than we had the day before.”

Dribnenky said she hopes the day’s events will assist in empowering Morinville’s youth and adults alike. “Ian’s message always tends to be one of empowerment,” Dribnenky said. “It’s just getting them to realize that they do make a difference in this community and we want them to be involved. It’s motivation to excel and to become a part of the community they live in.”

All events will take place at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. For more information on the day’s events, visit the town of Morinville’s website at or contact Amy Dribnenky at 780-939-7832 or

Below are videos on Hill’s presentations

Morinville Business Breakfast

Volunteer Event

Power of One event