Al Simmons show delivers on promise of delightful silliness

Entertainer Al Simmons gets audience members to sing along to a song about not wanting to sing along to songs. The Juno Award-winning performer was in town Oct. 15. - Stephen Dafoe Photo

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Saturday night’s Al Simmons show at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre provided children and adults with an evening’s entertainment by one of Canada’s true entertainment treasures.

Whether passing around his Juno award for all to hold, getting adults and kids to sing along with his songs or spraying the audience with water and/or confetti from his many unusual props, Al Simmons involved his audience in the performance.

Mixing song and dance with two levels of comedy – one for his younger fans and one for the grown-ups who came with them, Simmons provided Morinville audiences with two rarities of the modern era: children seeing adults just being silly, and an audience enjoying the skills of a a performer who can truly be classed a modern-day vaudevillian.

If there was any disappointment in Simmons’ Oct. 15 show it was in the small audience who came to see him perform. An award-winning performer of Simmons calibre deserves an audience of more than 60 people. However, a small crowd is neither the performer nor the organizers’ fault and both the cultural centre and Mr. Simmons delivered beyond what was promised – an affordable and entertaining show suitable for anyone.

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