Editorial: What the readers think – council poll results

Morinville Town Council from left: Coun. Paul Krauskopf, Coun. Lisa Holmes, Coun. Ben Van De Walle, Mayor Lloyd Bertschi, Coun. Nicole Boutestein, Coun. Gordon Boddez and Coun. David Pattison were sworn in Oct. 22, 2010 and held their first meeting four days later.
A year ago Morinville residents elected mayor and council. This week marks the one year anniversary of their having been sworn to office. Each candidate had a platform they ran on. Each candidate made commitments to the community in terms of how they would govern and what initiatives they would bring to the table. We asked MorinvilleNews.com readers – A year later, which councillor has walked the walk the best? The results were as follows:

1 – Paul Krauskopf 48.61%

2 -Lisa Holmes 34.72%

3- Nicole Boutestein 8.33%

4- David Pattison 4.17%

5A Gordon Boddez 2.08%

5B Ben Van De Walle 2.08%

[subhead] MorinvilleNews.com recommendation to council

Attendance at meetings and voting on motions is an important part of your job, but outside of news articles on how you voted and what you voted on, the public is largely unaware of what you are doing. Residents will often base their assessment of what you are doing and of how well you are doing your job by your presence in the community. Councillor Krauskopf and Councillor Holmes blend into this community in all they do, and as such have ample opportunity to talk to residents and – more importantly – listen to them. They are not only seen at community events when there is a ribbon to cut or recognition to be given, but in our coffee shops and in our organizations where the work of building and binding a community is done. To those councillors who received low votes in this informal reader’s poll, we recommend a little more time spent on the other side of the council table. Come out to an entertainment night at the local coffee house or come out to a Jets game at the local rink. But whatever you do, come out.

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