Zombie Apocalypse hits Morinville

Let the ghoul times roll - A number of local animated corpses came out Saturday night to help raise funds and food (but no brains) for the Morinville Food Bank Society. - Submitted Photo

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Morinville – There was dancin’ at the Zombie Zoo Saturday night as a number of located animated corpses set aside their normal penchant for eating brains to gather in a herd to help feed those in need. The inaugural Zombie Apocalypse took place at Smoking Joe’s (formerly The Zoo) and came from the BRAINS of Eva Scrimshaw and Rayann Menard, two local women who wanted to have some costumed fun while helping the Morinville Food Bank Society. The local bar donated their venue for the cause and the zombies seemed to mix just fine with the Saturday night regulars.
“The zombies who attended our charity event were welcomed to a terrifying packed house at the Zoo,” Menard said of the event. “Everyone in attendance was in the apocalypse spirit, donning their very best zombie attire.”

The two Zombie Apocalypse organizers said they were grateful to the owner of the bar for the use of the facility and grateful to those who came out to support the event. Menard said a total of $469 was raised in addition to a quantity of food bank donations.

The inaugural Zombie Apocalypse came from the BRAINS of Eva Scrimshaw (left) and Rayann Menard. - Stephen Dafoe Photo
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