Letter: Reader calls for more traffic lights

Dear editor:

As I go to work each day I regularly travel through the intersection at 100 Avenue and Grandin Drive. Over the past few years I have witness countless acts of stupidity, complacency and just a total disregard for others at this intersection. But what I saw this morning (Nov. 7) was only a second from becoming a manslaughter investigation. A pickup truck travelling east on 100 Avenue came to a full stop as required, then hit the gas suddenly. Realizing a small child was in the middle of the crosswalk; the driver hit the brakes, then proceeded to crane his head toward his left window. As soon as the young lad’s butt was past his fender he again hit the gas. I doubt he ever saw the little girl approaching from his right. Luckily she stopped in time.

With the Town of Morinville growing in population and traffic, and the fact that some people behind the wheel are reckless and in some cases downright dangerous I think it’s time that the Town look at installing traffic lights at this intersection before the call to action comes after a child has been killed.

As much as this may be a pain in our butts, mine included, we need to at the very least protect the children as they try to cross these lanes on the way to and from school, especially in the dim-lit hours of the morning.

Tim Stirling,

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  1. Sorry Tim, but I disagree with the perceived requirement for more traffic lights in this town.

    You said it all in your opening paragraph when you talked about “acts of stupidity, complacency and just a total disregard for others at this intersection”, but did you get the offender’s licence plate number and report this idiot to the police? It doesn’t sound like it, but perhaps you (or anyone else, including the pedstrians) should have gone that route.

    God knows we have enough “enforcement” troops in Morinville, so maybe a little more attention to these areas is warranted. Unless, of course, our enforcement folks don’t start work that early!

    Do any of our illustrious members of Council have anything to say??

  2. Jim, given the chance I would of tracked this truck down, but from where I sat I couldn’t get the plate and I also had to wait for the young lady to finish crossing the road. By the time I got east bound I could barely see his tail lights. As for the kids getting the plate, they were about 10 yrs old….

    And really Jim, you went from “I disagree”, to quoting me, to it’s somehow my fault it didn’t get reported, to the police should do more???? I personally don’t believe in passing the buck especially when it comes to the safety of those who can’t defend themselves (the kids). I identified the issue and offered a solid solution… And I too would like to hear from (not the illustrious Councilors) the elected officials of Morinville.

  3. i agree something is needed but think it should be more law enforcements as well , as seniors we go for walks often and crossing even at pedestrian crosswalks we take our life in our hands in Morinville because of careless carefree drivers.
    Crossing on the crosswalk towards Home Hardware we nearly got run over by an uncaring individual who was talking on the phone (which is now illegal) and yes as an afterthought I wish i would have got her license plate number and reported her and i did have the opportunity as she drove into the Mac’s store! But being a little shook up and just happy we were still okay i didn’t do that. So would traffic lights help and how many would we need?? I don’t think so!

  4. I would like to see the yellow, push button, activated flashers at every marked crosswalk on both major roads through town.


    Thomas Kirsop

  5. I don’t know about you guys, but my mother taught me to look both ways when I cross the street. That being said I do agree that on 100st and 100 ave there should be a few traffic lights, such as 107st, and both Grandin Drives.

  6. Parents, this includes me, need to teach their kids to be extremely vigilant when they are trying to cross the street. There are far too many people driving these days who have no regard for anyone but themselves, which number includes an awful lot of young drivers who should be taught better. Marking every single crosswalk and putting up lights everywhere will not eliminate these awful drivers who think they are entitled to do as they please. I agree with Joel about the placement of traffic lights. I don’t think putting up flashing crosswalk lights will solve anything. I have witnessed way too people ignore those lights because they inconvenience them. Better education and WAY better enforcement of some of the laws in place would go a long way to helping, still won’t solve these issues though. People have to start showing more concern for others. Plain and simple.

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