Town Council gives first reading to water, sewer and waste bylaws

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Council voted unanimously at their Nov. 22 meeting to first reading of the 2012 waste management, sewer and water bylaws.

Director of Public Works Claude Valcourt said the average Morinville resident can expect to pay an additional .44 per month for water and sewer in 2012 over 2011.

The first draft of the two bylaws shows in 2011 the average household paid $49.47 for water and $35.03 for sewer for a total of $84.50 per month. If approved those rates in 2012 will be $50.51 for water and $35.34 for sewer for a total of $85.85 per month, an increase of 1.59 per cent or .44 per month for the average household.

Morinville operates on a full cost recovery model for its water and sewer, something the municipality implemented in 2005 after review of its process. If passed the new sewer rates will generate a sewer surplus of $586,918 and a water surplus of $758,864 for 2012, monies to be used for future water and sewer needs as they arise.

Slight increase in waste and recycling

Morinville residents will also see an increase in their waste management fees for 2012. Residential pickup will increase by .44 per month, a 2.82 per cent increase over 2011. Condominium residents will face a .34 cent increase per month, a 2.84 per cent increase over 2012. Valcourt said the increase is largely based on an increase at the Roseridge Landfill. The landfill has increased the tipping fee to $32 per tonne. Public works estimate some 2,000 tonnes will be deposited there in 2012.
At this point yard waste pickup will remain the same as it was in 2011; however, residents can request a second yard waste bin at a rate of $3.72 per month.

Councillor David Pattison, who sits on the Roseridge committee, said compost is offered twice a year at the landfill, something he sees as an additional benefit for residents for their waste dollars. “We need to encourage our residents to use that material,” he said. “While we’re looking at these costs, there are these benefits. We don’t see those on financial statements, but they are a benefit to the community.”

The water, sewer and waste management bylaws will be brought back to Council for second and -probably – third reading at the December 13 meeting.