Letter: NDP leader calls out Redford for broken promises


Albertans want change. Albertans want an end to broken promises and government secrecy, but Alison Redford has already broken her promise to hold a judicial enquiry into allegations of physician intimidation. Albertans want an end to patronage in government, but Alison Redford has appointed Gary Mar to a $265,000 a year position in Hong Kong. Albertans want public health care, but the PC government plans to develop private seniors care and medical clinics. And Albertans want greater fairness for those on fixed incomes, but Alison Redford is planning to remove the cap on what private operators can charge seniors for accommodation.

Alison Redford has broken her promises, and let Albertans down.

Alberta’s NDP stands for real change. We want a government in Alberta that puts you and your family first. We will stand up for public health care, just as we always have. We introduced Bill 208, legislation that would strengthen public health care, and ensure that all Alberta families have access to the care they need.

Alberta’s NDP worked hard to restore $100 million in funding for our schools. This goal has now been achieved.

Alberta’s NDP supports jobs for Albertans, including our young people. We have opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, because we want to see bitumen upgraded here before being exported to the US and other markets.

Alberta’s NDP wants a fairer Alberta for all of us. If very wealthy Albertans and corporations paid their fair share of taxes, we could not only eliminate the deficit, we would not have to lay off teachers and nurses every time the price of oil drops.

By working together we can build a province with prosperity for all, and preserve our beautiful environment for our children and grandchildren. Alberta’s NDP has an inclusive and progressive vision for Alberta’s future. I invite you to find out more and get involved.

Brian Mason

Leader, Alberta’s NDP

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