Sturgeon School Division launches social media site

By staff

Sturgeon County – Sturgeon School Division has just launched a new social media site that they say may have finally solved the mystery of what students did at school on any given day. While parent-teacher interviews and report cards have traditionally filled in some of the blanks, to the questions, “What did you do at school today?” Sturgeon School Division has recently introduced the Power School Parent Portal, a social media tool to help parents keep up-to-date on their children’s progress in the classroom.

“We call it a good conversation starter,” says Michéle Dick, superintendant of Sturgeon School Division. “Power School Parent Portal is an online tool that parents can access anywhere they have an Internet connection to find out what their children are up to at school.”

Power School Parent Portal, accessed through the Sturgeon School Division website at, gives parents the latest information on their children’s assignments, grades and attendance.

Administrators and teachers see the tool as a way to involve parents as education partners in an interactive way, and are looking to add more information to that end.

“Parents are able to better understand the projects and lessons their children are engaging in, without the lag time of waiting for report card season or parent-teacher interviews,” said Mark Lockwood, the division’s coordinator for school improvement projects in a release on the project. “They can also see just how student learning is measured and assessed at our schools.” Lockwood explained early feedback from parents who have accessed the Parent Portal. “I encourage all parents to visit the site for a range of important information,” he said.

Power School Parent Portal is part of Sturgeon School Division’s goal to use first-rate technologies to support learning. All classrooms in the division are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards and innovative instructional software. In addition, schools have wireless networks where students can use their personal laptops, iPads and other devices to supplement their instruction.

Parents can access the portal by visiting and clicking Power School Parent Portal.

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