Teen injured in 100 Avenue collision

A Morinville peace officer directs traffic at the 100 Avenue / 99 Street intersection Wednesday night after a collision sent a 14-year-old Morinville teen to hospital. - Stephen Dafoe Photo

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Morinville – A 14-year-old Morinville girl was rushed to hospital in Edmonton Wednesday night after being struck crossing 100 Avenue at 99 Street.

RCMP responded to the incident which occurred shortly after 4:30 p.m. Police say the teen was crossing with two others at the marked crosswalk when she was struck by a westbound vehicle. She was taken by ambulance to hospital in Edmonton with undisclosed injuries.

The collision was still under investigation Thursday morning. An RCMP Traffic Analyst attended the scene to assist in the investigation, and RCMP are reporting weather conditions and alcohol have been ruled out as contributing factor in the collision.

The incident is the third time a pedestrian has been hit crossing 100 Avenue in the past few months. On Oct. 21, 2011 two were hit on 100 Avenue the same day. On that day a 12-year-old girl and an adult cyclist were hit in two unrelated incidents.


RCMP confirmed Thursday afternoon the teen struck Wednesday night suffered a sprained ankle, a slight concussion and some bruises, but is back home and doing well.

As of Thursday afternoon no charges had been laid in the collision.

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  1. Morinville needs to step up on their Community’s safety and quit building liquor stores. All crosswalks should have large bright lights. This is stupid, I hope the mayor is proud of his priorities.

  2. This is the third accident since October 2011 clearly more needs to be done. Perhaps another set of lights, or flashing pedestrian lights or something is needed.

  3. This town is going downhill. I’ve lived here 55years and the way teenagers are driving is ridiculous. This accident is so unfortunate and something needs to be done to protect those in our community. It’s hard to see people sometimes and in this case it’s an accidental accident. I’d like to see more lights and crosswalks marked with lights rather then another liquor store or. Cafe that will be closed next month.

  4. Don’t worry though, anyone crossing out by UFA on 100 St South or on 642 (100 Ave) at the east exit of town should be OK because that’s where photo radar keeps us safe !! What we need is less enforcement skulking behind fences and buildings and a highly visible presence on the streets. Get that high priced, shiny Peace Officer SUV with all its bells and whistles (wouldn’t the RCMP love a vehicle like that to patrol in?) out on the main streets and be visible, this will keep drivers and pedestrians more aware although it will, unfortunately for the budget minded on council, cut down on anticipated revenue from fines etc, which should NEVER be included in a budget anyway! Lets see how the “powers that be” set their priorities on this issue? Revenue or life safety?

  5. you r right there should not be so many liquor store and its retarded there is 8 including bars in town and this town need to salt all of the sidewalks, I have fallen 4 times and I am tired of being a dummie on ice! on the term of liquor stores how about in stead of having so many we put the money to good use and make a swimming pool in town! it would be way better

    • I don’t often respond to comments; however a few things need to be pointed out here.

      1/ With respect to the number of liquor stores in town and using the money to build a pool or install traffic lights instead. Municipal planning is not the same as playing Sim City. It is not a video game. The way it works is capitalism and supply and demand dictate what businesses private citizens will invest their money in. The town approves those businesses or not based on its bylaws. That is to say if the type of business is a PERMITTED business in a particular area of zoning, a development permit must be issued providing it meets the conditions for parking etc. While there may well be too many liquor stores, if they all survive and are financially viable then capitalism is working. If some close because the new ones are better, that too is capitalism. But if they all are able to survive perhaps the problem is not with how many are allowed to operate but how much local consumers are willing to drink. The latter is certainly not the town’s problem.

      With respect to the town salting all sidewalks – It is the town’s responsibility to keep TOWN land free of ice and snow. It is the resident and property owner’s LEGAL obligation to keep their sidewalks free and clear of ice and snow. If a vacant property is impassable due to ice, that is not town land – it is private land. Bylaw requires it to be kept clear and bylaw is a complaint driven system. Complain and they will either request them to remove the ice, fine them for not doing so or have the town do the work and bill the land owner for the same. Or you could buy cleats. I use a pair and logged 6km in them today alone. No slipping, no sliding, just personal responsibility for my own safety in bad conditions. Or if you want it your way, phone Mayor Bertschi and council and tell him you want to pay more property taxes to keep ice and snow off everyone’s sidewalks.

      With respect to traffic lights at cross walks – excellent idea. Problem is 100 Avenue (also known as Highway 642) is controlled by Alberta Transportation and if the town wants to do anything with respect to that road they must get permission to do so from the provincial government. That would include lights, entrances to parking lots or even extending town hall 8 feet closer to the road. When Morinville becomes a city we can petition the province to give control of Hwy. 642 to us – not before.

      A lot of money is being spent last year and this year on a Highway 642 functional plan to address many concerns on this provincial road that passes through the community. Additionally, council approved funding for a traffic and pedestrian plan that will examine our crosswalks, stop signs, speed limits to see if they are in the right places, etc.

      We’ve had three people hurt in 2.5 months on 100 Avenue / Highway 642. Is there a problem? Absolutely.

      But to equate what is clearly a problem of driver / pedestrian respect with the number of private investors who wish to invest and risk their money in legal business ventures in areas of town where they are legally entitled to do so is simply uninformed.

  6. Dear worried citizen
    Apparently you did not read the article close enough, it said that alcohol was NOT a contributing factor. What does a liquor store have to do with this? It’s people driving and not paying attention to what they are doing.

  7. I agree with the personal responsibility. Being in a cross walk does not mean you become superman. I have stopped for pedestrians before only to watch them pass my vehicle without looking as they step into the next lane.
    If you are hit in a cross walk or anywhere else………It was not safe to cross.
    You may be in the “right” but you could be dead wrong too.

    PS.Yes I feel for the girl and her family. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  8. Well I know it has been a while scene the accident but it was me who was hit and yes I’m doing good but there are a little bit that is wrong with me.

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