School Views – Morinville Public Elementary School

It’s fiesta time
Morinville Public Elementary School Preschool Enrichment Program student Eric Woode gets into the part Thursday afternoon during a special fiesta afternoon. Students took part in a number of fiesta-themed crafts and activities, including making real tortillas. – Stephen Dafoe Photo visited Morinville Public Elementary School’s new classrooms to ask students, “What is your favourite thing about your new classroom and why?”

Jaxon Girard
“My favourite part of my new classroom is we’re really close to the new park. The new park’s really fun and lots of the kids have lots of fun on the park. The teachers are telling the kids that this might be our own school because the workers made it especially for us.”

Maysen Wedman
“Well…because it’s really big and we have lots of space to do work. I love the library. It’s big. It has lots of books. Lots of seats to sit in.”

Dominyk Gallitin
“Definitely the smart board – we didn’t have a smart board [before]. It’s funner.”

Madison Logan
“My favourite part is our teacher put up our art because then you can see everyone’s different art.”

The kids have got heart
MPES Grade 1 and 2 students pose for a valentine-themed photo op outside their new classrooms Thursday afternoon. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

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