Fewer attending Knights of Columbus breakfast

The batter is still dropping at the Knights of Columbus’ Community Breakfast. Attendance numbers have dwindled since the event moved to the Community Cultural centre, but the Knights are hoping people will spread the word about their $6 fundraising breakfast. - Lucie Roy Photo

By Lucie Roy

Morinville – The temporary relocation of the Knights of Columbus Community Breakfast from the RC Parish Hall to the Morinville Community Cultural Centre (CCC) has not been kind to the service club’s regular fundraiser. Grand Knight Andy Morin said his group likes to have a minimum of 200 come out for the Sunday morning breakfast, but said the group is not seeing those numbers in the new location.

Morin said when the Knights were at the Parish Hall they could see people lined up down the stairs and out the door. Lately, however, cold weather has played a part in the lower attendance, but so too has the new location. “It is not the same numbers as when we were in Parish Hall,” Morin said, adding all monies raised by the Knights of Columbus go back to the community. The reduced turnout hurts the community organizations the Knights are trying to support. One group affected is the Pathfinders who used to help the knights of Columbus clear the tables after the meals and help clean up. Morin said they have not been able to make that contribution to the Pathfinders because when only 100 or 150 people show up for breakfast, they might clear a bit of money. The last few breakfast held at the CCC have resulted in low to no profit.

Morin said the Parish Hall’s exposure to the kitchen area was nice. People who attended the breakfast liked to see who was cooking their breakfast, even if was the same guys cooking month after month. Coming up to the open window of the kitchen in the Parish Hall basement and complimenting the cooks was part of the sense of community the breakfasts has always been known for. That is gone for now.

Despite having a large commercial kitchen, the new kitchen at the CCC has not allowed the knights their same kitchen flow. Morin said with the one stove, one griddle and one top burner side by side, once the big pots are on the stove there is not much room left. The Parish Hall had access to two stoves side by side, allowing the Knights to have pancakes and maple crème on one side, sausages and eggs on the other.

But Morin said there are positives to the new kitchen area at CCC. The four convection ovens are much quicker and the facility has an ice maker, fridge and freezer.

Regardless of the facility used, the Knights of Columbus expend a lot of energy and volunteer hours putting on the community breakfast, all to create a little community within the community and to support different groups in Morinville.

It takes about seven or eight volunteers in the kitchen to run the breakfast, another three to keep the coffee and food containers moving, another two at the door, and two more to take care of cleaning.

Although the cost rose from $5 per person to $6, the Knights feel they provide a good breakfast for a good price to help some good causes. They usually serve breakfast until 12:30 and are considering extending it 1 p.m. in the hopes it will help.

Grand Knight Morin said the knights may be serving at the CCC for a year, possibly longer should the Morinville Public Elementary School take over the basement at the Parish Hall as well on a more permanent basis.

Regardless of the time frame at the CCC, the Morinville knights of Columbus are hoping Morinvillians will come out and support them in their desire to offer a good community gathering with a good breakfast and proceeds helping out in Morinville and surrounding area. See Monday Morning News’ weekly Community Calendar for the next date and time.

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  1. Just to clarify, Morinville Public Elementary School is actually located upstairs at the Parish Hall. The kitchen facility is located in the basement which has been taken over by the Town of Morinville and the Public Library.

  2. Just to clarify, the reporter is speaking to comments made about MPES possibly taking over the basement in addition to the upper floor of the Parish Hall on a more permanent basis.

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