County to support Morinville water line work

By Staff

Sturgeon County – Council voted unanimously to fund $58,250 out of reserves to pay the County’s share of work being done on the Morinville Waterline this year. The project, believed to cost $200,000, will replace three water valves on the Morinville Waterline that were installed in 1986 and in need of repair. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.

The Morinville waterline has six main valves plus two new valves installed for the Anthony Henday Project. There is concern if the three valves identified for replacement are not replaced they may seize in the closed position. The valves are located just south of the CNR, adjacent to the meter vault in River Lot 37 near St. Albert and at NE 33-54-25-W4.

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Under an agreement between Morinville, Legal and Sturgeon County, the County’s share is 23.3 per cent of expenses. Morinville and Legal have already allotted their share in their respective 2012 budgets. Morinville will pick up $129,000 or 64.7 per cent of the project, and Legal will pick up $24,000 or 12 per cent of the costs. Morinville recommended the County tuck aside slightly more than the $46,000 share to account for any project cost overages.

Councillor Tom Flynn said he was pleased with the ongoing relationship with Morinville and Legal on the waterline. Council learned negotiations and discussions between the three municipalities were occurring every three weeks. “That’s very good to hear and very good news for the public to hear on both sides of the fence,” Flynn said.

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