The week in photos

Blood to give
Richard Price just finished donating blood for the 32 time at the Morinville Blood Donor Clinic held Tuesday night at the Rendez-Vous Centre. There were 121 donors booked for Tuesday. March 13 is the last of the monthly clinics. Blood donor clinics will now be held every two months starting May 29. – Lucie Roy Photo

Something positive
Sarah Hughes (10) and Tristen Conrad (13) were January’s Positive Ticket winners. The two youth were presented their awards Feb. 14 in front of the Morinville RCMP Detachment.

Positive Tickets are issued to youth 18 years and under. When an Officer observes someone obeying the law, the officer issues that person a positive ticket which the recipient drops off at the Morinville RCMP detachment or at the town office. This entitles the ticket holder to a chance to win a monthly draw of $100.00.

The project is a partnership between the Morinville RCMP, Enforcement Services and Community Services. The Positive Ticketing Program focuses on finding and recognizing the positive things youth are doing in our community. The program is seen as a dynamic approach to crime prevention and increasing positive connections, while working with young citizens to reduce crime. – Submitted Photo

Fit as a fiddle
RCMP Citizen’s Academy participant Joel Kaliel leaps a hurdle at K Division headquarters in Edmonton Feb. 13. Kaliel was one of several academy participants to try the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) and successfully completed two laps of the course. PARE is a test used to assess a person’s ability to perform the physical demands involved in police work: running, jumping, climbing stairs, vaulting, lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling. The three-phase course is designed to replicate a critical incident. In order to pass the test, potential RCMP must complete six laps of the obstacle course, wrestle with a machine that controls 60 and 70 pound weights, and carry an 80-pound dead weight for a distance, all within 4 minutes. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Wedded bliss
Bride Rebecca and groom Phil Bonneteau pose with the bride’s grandparents Thelma and Keith Everitt at the Chateau Sturgeon Lodge in Legal on Tuesday. When the grandparents could not make it to the wedding, the wedding was held at the Lodge to ensure the grandparents could be a part of it. The ceremony was held in the all-purpose room of the Lodge with the residents sitting quietly and watching from the dining room. – Lucie Roy Photo

A tea for lovers and tea lovers
Carolyn McRae was one of the members of the Morinville Minstrels entertaining at the Valentine’s Day Tea held at Heritage Lodge Feb. 14. The event included raspberry flavoured black tea with a honey taste, desserts and a door prize. – Lucie Roy Photo

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