Library fundraiser stacking up

Morinville Public Library employee Najma Cole looks over the many book covers on display as part of the Bronze Book Fundraiser.

By Lucie Roy

Morinville – Stacks of books are rising in the Morinville Public Library with some familiar names on the spine. For every $100 a person or company donates to the library’s renovation initiative, they can get a book cover with their or someone else’s name on it.

“This project started in October of 2011 and is starting to pick up,” said Assistant Manager Cheryl Pasechnik, adding more of the special books are being made. Pasechnik said some are having one book made for each family member or sponsoring a book in memory of a family member who has passed away.

The books will form a display in the new library. Additionally, all sponsor names will be recorded in a bronze book to be placed on display in the new facility showing all the names of those in the community who helped build the community library.

“This is an awesome legacy with the family name in the bronze book,” Pasechnik said.

Library Manager Isabelle Cramp said she is hoping people and business in the community will take part in the renovations of the library by taking part in the bronze book fundraiser. She said more than 30 have donated to the project thus far and she is hoping to have as much support from the community as possible. “The library is a community place built by the community and, going back in History, it is how the Morinville Public Library was born” Cramp said.

A tax receipt for the donations will be provided through the Morinville Public Library. Donation forms are available at the library, located in the Parish Hall basement.

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