Letter: Legal looking to win Big Valley contest

Dear editor:

Legal’s Big Valley Jamboree and Small Town Saturday Night video entry is up on YouTube and we want to let the world know! Well, at least all our friends and neighbours. It is important that we get as many views as possible before the judging panel selects five finalists for the final showdown as this will be a strong indication of the surrounding community’s support for our bid. Once the finalists have been chosen voting will commence and run from March 6 – 20 on the Big Valley Jamboree – Small Town Saturday Night website.

The stakes are high and the winning town gets to host a mini Big Valley Jamboree concert! Furthermore, a local cause will receive $5,000 towards a community project, in addition to ticket sale proceeds. Legal’s Friends of Legal School Society has been raising funds for a much-needed playground restoration for nearly a decade and was unanimously selected as the beneficiary of these potential funds.

The recurring theme centres on a very visible, red plastic cup, a symbol of people coming together to celebrate. The concept was inspired by a popular country song, completely revamped, and then interpreted by local vocalist Keith Bennett. The new lyrics are as follows:

Legal’s – Red Plastic Cup
(by Melanie Thibault)

Well.. .

Legal is a little old town with a history
Of bringing folks together — hey, it’s no mystery
That one thing that unifies present and past
Is our coming together and raising a glass.

Now in a small place you’ve got to be flexible.
Everything’s repurposed: man-made or vegetable.
Our cups hold our water, and soda, and such.
With our natural spirit, you don’t need to add much.

Red plastic cup, we raise you up!
We love to party, bring us a party!
(we’ve got our) Red plastic cups, fill em’ right up!
It’s time to party, Big Valley party!

When it comes to community, this place is a mine
Of folks who will give you their shirt and their time.
From the gazebo we built with our blood, sweat, and tears
To the Fête au Village… hosted 40 odd years!

Well our kids are all sweet, but their playground is bland.
It’s made of old wood, and it sticks in their hands.
The school’s saved for years… it’s taken so long …
We’ve resorted to begging and singing this song.

Red plastic cup, we raise you up!
We love to party, bring us a party!
(we’ve got our) Red plastic cups, fill em’ right up!
It’s time to party, Big Valley party!

The short film is featured on YouTube. It is best viewed in HD 1080p and full-screen mode.

This project is all about community spirit, so let’s let’s show the rest of Alberta just how rich we are around these parts! If the thought of a concert in your backyard appeals to you… you know what to do! We need our supporters to view, ‘like’, and ‘share’ the video. Let’s go viral!

Thank you!

Melanie Thibault

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  1. Good Luck Legal — I really hope you win. It would be great for your town and its residents as well as the surrounding areas.

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