Cultural Centre lost less money than thought

Entertainer Al Simmons gets audience members to sing along to a song about not wanting to sing along to songs. The Juno Award-winning performer was in town Oct. 15, one of several Centennial Concert Series performances in 2011. - File Photo

By Staff

Morinville – According to a draft document in the fourth quarter report, the Morinville Community Cultural Centre did not lose as much money as budgets proposed it would lose in its first half year of operation. The new facility was projected to lose $418,477 in 2011; however, the cultural centre lost only $353,352.

Revenues for the facility fell far short of projections. It was anticipated the Cultural Centre would generate $129,500 from opening until Dec. 31, 2011. The venue generated $87,713 or 67.73 per cent of projection targets, according to the draft document. Part of that shortfall is because the Cultural Centre produced approximately half of the budgeted $78,000 in rental fees the Town was hoping to receive in its first six months.

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Ticket sales for the Centennial Concert Series and other town-run performances were low. The Cultural Centre realized $6,009 in ticket sales from the several performances in the centre’s Centennial Concert Series. That series included three categories of performance: Friday Night Special, Extra Specials (usually held Saturdays) and Especially for Families. The Friday night events, which included Lizzy Hoyt in October and the Polyjesters in November, resulted in $2,503 in ticket revenue for the two shows or an average of 50 paid tickets per event. The Extra Special series included the River City Big Band Jazzy Christmas show in December. The series generated $2,794 in ticket sales. Two children’s events were held, generating $712 in ticket sales. The largest revenue producer was the Gord Banford Concert in November, which resulted in $11,055 in revenue for the cultural centre. No ticket revenue projections were presented in the draft report on the Centennial Concert Series.

While revenues were lower than projected, so too were total salaries and benefits paid in 2011. It was anticipated $349,269 would be expended for salaries and benefits; however, 2011 saw only $257,106 being spent on staff wages and benefits.

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  1. Would probably sell more tickets if events better advertised. A light board (such as the one by the church coming north out of St Albert)at the corner where MCHS now advertises school events would be noticed by better than half the population of the town.

    • Jim, such a sign is, I understand in the works, but like all things #642 it requires the approval of Alberta Transportation.

  2. Well considering the MCCC has lost money & the Town Office has recently become a black hole for tax dollars, maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be looking at expensive light boards at this time.

    However a clown outfit and a hand held sign for those responsible to stand on the east and west end of hwy 642 might be more within our fiscal means at this point.

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