Letter: Visitor shares his opinion of Morinville


I just wanted to write a note to express how much I appreciated the great sense of community that my wife and I found in Morinville.

We were involved in planning and organizing Morinville’s Got Talent along with the folks at Higher Grounds coffee shop. Over $700 was raised for starting a school in Indonesia, and the whole process from start to finish was amazing.

Not only were the folks at Higher Grounds great to work with, but I was pleasantly surprised at the positive response that my wife and I received from local businesses in Morinville. Not only were they receptive, but (with possibly one exception) they made us feel that we were among friends. Of course, no community is perfect, but if someone was to ask what I thought of Morinville based on my experience there, I would have to say that it is a friendly community where, for the most part, people care.

John Kingsma
Idem Valitorem Benevolent Society

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