Rend rocks Morinville families with all-ages show [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Rend singer Carol-Lynne Quinn belts out a number during the bands stop in Morinville Mar. 31. The concert was in aid of youth programming in Morinville. - Stephen Dafoe Photos

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Rock-pop band Rend brought their No Lines tour to the Morinville Community Cultural Centre Saturday night for an all-ages show in support of youth programming in the community.

From their opening anthem Battlecry to their encore song Monster, lead singer Carol-Lynne Quinn and her band kept Morinville youth glued to the edge of the stage moving to the band’s unique rock-pop sound that is infused with a bit of jazz, a bit of soul, and plenty of positive energy.

Although clearly characterized by Quinn’s strong vocals – the girl can really belt it out – the band’s full sound is accomplished with the skills of some incredibly talented musicians: Charis Logan (drums), Jeff Quinn (bass), Steve Roe (Guitar), and Nate Glubish (piano/synthesizer). While each is a master of their respective instruments and demonstrated it during solo opportunities, Glubish brings another interesting dynamic to the band’s multi-faceted sound, elevating the band far above conventional guitar, bass and percussion bands.

While Rend’s sound was enjoyed by the approximately 70 who saw the show Saturday night, the audience’s enjoyment was raised higher by the non-stop visual show that added to the energy level with each successive number.

That visual presentation continued at the conclusion of the show with a short horror film that had Quinn turning into a monster at the end of the clip just as she returned to the stage in theatrical makeup to close the show with Rend’s aptly titled song Monster.

Morinville Jazz Band

But Rend was not the only talent on the stage Saturday night. Opening for the band was the Morinville Jazz Band, who provided 30 minutes of brass, bass, piano and percussion ranging from Glenn Miller to the Beatles. The relatively new group on Morinville’s music scene is not short on talent, and was an audience pleaser Saturday night.

The weekend concert was a partnership between Higher Grounds Espresso Bar,, The Town of Morinville and the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. One hundred per cent of profits from ticket sales went to the Morinville Youth in Action committee for Youth programming in Morinville. The event raised $500 above costs and that money will be used for programming at the Youth Centre which had a break-in over the Mar. 22-26 weekend.



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  1. I purchased tickets for myself, my husband our two sons ages 14 and 16 along with a couple extra tickets for a family friend’s 13th birthday present. I bought these tickets as soon as the concert was announced. We had not heard of the band Rend before, but that did not matter because I knew that the concert was a fundraiser for youth programming in Morinville and all 3 young people that I had purchased tickets for would benefit from this event.

    I teach my children that they are important and valuable members of the community. They have a responsibility to work for the things that they see as important to them. They know that things come at a cost and everyone must do what they can to lesson the burden on any one person when it comes to the cost of getting these things done.

    I wonder how valuable they felt on Saturday night when they saw a room with seats that were only half full. Did they feel that what they want and work for was not worth the time of others. Was it up to them (the youth and their families) to do all the work to get quality programs, and a safe place for them to spend some time at, because that is how as a parent I felt looking at all those empty seats.

    I know that those that did attend had an amazing time. We had the privilege of hearing two very talented bands, and we enjoyed the company of the people there of equal heart. I can only hope that those that decided the cause was not worth their time or money, were sitting at home in the dark celebrating Earth Hour, but I doubt it!!!

  2. Valerie:
    As you may have noticed from previous posts that I have sent to this site I am not a supporter of the MCCC. But, I have taken the time to work with the CAO and the MCCC Manager in a hope of lessening the effects of this facility on the adjacent neighbourhood. And I must say that a giant stride forward has been made with this event leading the way, in that it kept the noise impact to a minimum. The major annoyance now resting with alcohol served events such as wedding receptions.

    I hope your not too dishearten by the lack of attendance, because like everything else, word of mouth will undoubtalbly generate more interest.

    I for one STRONGLY SUPPORT concerts of this nature and cutural events, which are controlled in volume and where alcohol is not available. These are the types of events which this Town needs to support its youth and will elimanate the need to be calling the police at 130am to control drunken mobs on the weekends. The more of these events that can be booked the better it will be for everyone in the community.

  3. I’ve noticed that it has become very easy to criticize and chastise others in this community for not doing as we think they should. Maybe the event didn’t sell better because people didn’t know about it, or had other plans, or possibly some other valid reason. It certainly is unfortunate when an event to benefit such a great cause does not do as well as hoped for but to use such strong commentary seems unneeded. It’s unfair to judge others without the actual reasons for the things they do, or don’t do in this case, being known.

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