Column: Clayton speaking: Which flavour are you going to choose?

By Clayton Rosaasen

With summer peering around the corner, not quite here yet, evidenced in the recent snow dump, but certainly coming, one can picture a group of youngsters looking at the ice cream menu trying to figure out what flavour to make a mess with. Now making a mess may be the operative word in more ways than one as you finish this column.

There is an important day coming, Apr. 23 to be precise, a day where Albertans will go to the polls to elect the government that will sit and make decisions for the betterment of Alberta’s population.

All I have heard over the last few days is that Alberta is bracing for political change, and if it happens, it will be by a wide margin of victory. The change of power will sweep through Alberta with the same power as a gale force wind that blows from Medicine Hat to Clairseholm.

Let me let you in on a little secret; the only massive change, if it happens, is going to be to the name of the party. Just so you folks know, the PCs and the Wildrose are both conservative parties at their roots. This is not a race between the Liberals, NDP, Alberta Party, Supergreeners, Marijuana, and any other existent but non-existent party you can think of. It’s a race between two conservative parties, and that suits me just fine. I will say though that the Allison Redford PCs have made a bit of a side step to the left, and have made themselves more liberal than ever before. The real right wing party – the Danielle Smith Wildrose Party – is poised to take control of the government. After all, they are the right wing conservatives that Alberta has voted for the last umpteen years. It only makes sense.

Back to the mess that I alluded to earlier – kids make a mess with whatever flavour they choose. Ice cream is messy; the conservative flavour Alberta chooses will make a mess, too. That’s politics and we should expect it.

I like Vanilla. What flavour are you?

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