Local scouters take to the track [PHOTOS]

A local Cub Scout checks the speed on a couple of competitors in Wednesday night's Kub Kar Rally held in Morinville. - Stephen Dafoe Photo

Stephen Dafoe Photos

Morinville – Scouts, Cubs and Beavers with 1st Morinville Scouting took to the track Wednesday night for a Kub Kar and Scout Truck Rally.

The annual event is an opportunity for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to cut loose with a little fun, racing the creations they’ve made over the past couple of weeks.

For Beavers that involved a basic vehicle with a large buck-toothed driver behind the wheel. Cubs were challenged with creating and custom painting a car of their own, while Scouts made a more elaborate tractor trailer combination.

Scouters drew names Wednesday night to see who they would race against on the long cub car track. The multiple heats provided plenty of excitement for the young racers, and is a precursor to a bigger event to be held at Edmonton Garrison Apr. 21.

Cubs and Beavers grab a track-side seat for all the racing action.
A couple of racing fans wonder if that's really a beaver driving that Beaver's car.
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